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what's your IAQ?

What’s your IAQ(Indoor Air Quality), 
and is it poisoning your family?      

Studies by the Center for Disease Control, EPA and DoE conclude that up to 30,000,000 homes have toxic indoor air. EPA calls it one of the top 5 health threats facing Americans. Our homes are making us sick. chronically sick.

How did this happen?
Over the past 30 years we’ve made homes tighter, more efficient. We’ve also introduced hundreds of new man made, chemical based products into the home - from cabinet glues to hair spray to cleaning goods – that “off-gas” continuously. With some homes measuring over 500 chemicals in the air, tests show over 20% of them have never been identified before.
Conclusion: The product gases mix with each other to create a 3rd, more toxic gas that affects our health. Add to that cats, fire retardant fabric, insect carcasses, excessive moisture, and you end up with a toxic soup.
Simple examples: your vinyl shower curtain of-gasses half its weight in the first year out of the box. …